• Modern-Day Explorers

    Modern-Day Explorers

    The CLM Internship Program helps millennials discover why insurance is the best-kept secret in careers. Read More

  • Ties That Bind

    Ties That Bind

    How an eight-justice Supreme Court ruled on claims and litigation-related issues. Read More

  • In the C-Suite with Melissa Hill

    In the C-Suite with Melissa Hill

    Hamilton USA’s Chief Resolution Officer explains her company’s commitment to CLM’s Resolution Revolution while offering tips to those considering the... Read More

  • Fire Walk With Me

    Fire Walk With Me

    Spend a day in the shoes of a wildfire investigator. Read More

  • In Hot Pursuit

    In Hot Pursuit

    Strategies for pursuing subrogation against wildfire damages. Read More

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    “What piece of advice would you give to young claims professionals?”

    Grace Hanson of Homesite Group and three others answer this month's question.  read more

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    Cyber Liability Insurance 101

    Boiling down cyber into plain language and answering the most common questions.  read more

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    The Old Shell Game Gets a New Look

    The classic shell game has seen a reincarnation in connection with workers’ compensation insurance premiums.  read more

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    Getting to Know Kay Baxter

    Cosmich, Simmons & Brown's Kay Baxter discusses ongoing developments in mass torts, managing these complex cases, and teamwork.  read more

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    Delivering on Brand Promise Through the Claims Customer Experience

    The digital world continues to challenge the business models, operations, people, and technology of insurers.  read more

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    The Importance of Investigating Pre-Fire Premises Security

    A methodology for Fire investigators to avoid overlooking or being complacent about this critical aspect of investigating an arson incident.  read more

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    Inside Risk: Patrick Hughes

    Oregon State University's chief risk officer prepares for 30,000 students and the continued run of this 148-year-old institution.  read more

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    At the midyear point, what trends are you seeing in 2016?

    Tom Nelson of Continental Western Group and three other claims professionals answer this month's question.  read more

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    Inside Risk: Tim Vincent

    VSBIT's Tim Vincent manages the risks and insurance coverage for Vermont's school districts and their interesting mix of challenges.  read more

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    Following New Data Trails

    When it comes to claims investigations, click your keyboards instead of your heels.  read more

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