• Mightier Than the Storm

    Mightier Than the Storm

    How a peer-reviewed report nearly dammed up Sandy’s claims process. Read More

  • Finding Room at the Inn

    Finding Room at the Inn

    Claims professionals seek resources to handle growing caseloads. Read More

  • Protecting the Information Castle

    Protecting the Information Castle

    Cyber breaches are inevitable and expose the evolving need for cyber insurance. Read More

  • Coverage On and Off the Field

    Coverage On and Off the Field

    Why the Croce decision provides an important warning for insurers of public schools. Read More

  • In the C-Suite with Robert Bowers

    In the C-Suite with Robert Bowers

    Westfield Insurance’s National Claims Leader explains why change is so important. Read More

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    A New Season for Family Matters

    Legal developments that will impact how employers deal with certain employees on family-related issues.  read more

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    Inside Risk: Lori Seidenberg, Alden Torch Financial LLC

    As senior vice president, this risk manager knows how to build success by combining technology, advancements, and a wealth of experience.  read more

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    Are hurricane and other weather forecasting models useful?

    Tower Hill's CCO Robert Johnson is one of five CLM members who answered this month's question.  read more

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    Droning On

    The FFA grants Section 333 exemptions, which mean increased safety for claims professionals.  read more

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    Avoiding Pitfalls in the Expanding Scope of Bad Faith Liability

    Practical advice and good faith practices to apply from the beginning of a claim to its resolution.  read more

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    Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

    SIUs should step into the light and unapologetically convey the importance of their duty and how it benefits all.  read more

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    Getting to Know: Drones

    Motorists Insurance Group’s Vice President and Chief Claims Officer Teresa King explains how the FAA’s decision to grant commercial companies...  read more

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    Around the Nation: June 2015

    State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.  read more

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    The Impact of Drones on Insurers and Claimants

    Strategies for success as demand for drone services increases in claims departments.  read more

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    Fixed Wings, Quadcopters, and More

    The cases made for fixed-wing UAVs and quadcopter UAVs are very different.  read more

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