• Wrongful Death?

    Wrongful Death?

    Criminal charges aside, NASCAR’s Tony Stewart faces questions of liability in Kevin Ward Jr.’s death. Read More

  • Safe From Prying Eyes

    Safe From Prying Eyes

    How to protect your insurance claims files from the discovery process. Read More

  • In the C-Suite with Tim Wiedmeyer

    In the C-Suite with Tim Wiedmeyer

    The Republic Group’s Vice President and Chief Claims Officer explains how to “sell” the claims industry to college students, what he looks for in a... Read More

  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Property insurance issues raised by the Ferguson riots. Read More

  • A View From Above

    A View From Above

    Four liability claims implications of drones. Read More

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    Around the Nation: October 2014

    State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.  read more

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    Getting to Know: Ashley Will

    Catholic Health Initiatives' Ashley Will shares her journey in claims and the importance finding the right mentor.  read more

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    The Pitfalls of Overlooking European Union Privacy Laws

    Are U.S. companies protecting the "fundamental rights" of EU consumers when it comes to private data?  read more

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    Finding Support: ClaimVets

    With all that is happening here and overseas, it's a great time to support the efforts of ClaimVets  read more

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    Can Business Partners Recover Damages After a Data Breach?

    How to evaluate the potential costs and benefits of attempting to pursue recovery.  read more

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    Inside Risk: Gretchen Schuler, Invacare Corp.

    As VP of Insurance Risk Management and Technical Documentation, she uses her unique background to serve customers and keep the wheels moving.  read more

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    The Problem of Playing Through the Pain

    A new lawsuit brings into question the methods used to keep players highly motivated to return to the field.  read more

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    Court Refuses Mulligan When Case Settles Too Soon for Too Little

    You only get one shot when you're dealing with Medicare lines in the context of a settlement.  read more

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    Getting to Know: Ron del Pino

    LbGlobalLaw's Ron del Pino on changing careers late in life, the Faith-Based Claims Association, and learning from good examples.  read more

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    Is the rate of fraud growing or are we getting a grip?

    Allstate SIU Litigation Specialist Cathy Gicker is one of four CLM members who answered this months' question.  read more

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