• Learning to Love Your Data

    Learning to Love Your Data

    A five-step guide on implementing predictive analytics for claims management. Read More

  • In the C-Suite: David Conner

    In the C-Suite: David Conner

    United Fire Group’s Vice President of Claims and Chief Claims Officer sheds light on what he looks for in a claims trainee, changing the public... Read More

  • A Plan for All Seasons

    A Plan for All Seasons

    How to design a mock catastrophe and test your readiness. Read More

  • The Connected Car

    The Connected Car

    Emerging auto technology has your back—and your front and your steering wheel. Read More

  • Fully Staffed

    Fully Staffed

    Industry employment is at an all-time high but recruitment still a challenge. Read More

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    Do Driverless Cars Mean Adjusters Will No Longer Be Required?

    It might not be long before technology prevents the vast majority of potential accidents. Where does that leave auto insurers?  read more

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    Momentum Gathering for Federal Data Privacy and Security Legislation

    Several previous attempts to pass national data privacy and security laws have failed, but the massive data security breaches reported in recent...  read more

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    What’s It Going to Cost? A Look at Major Drivers of Legal Expense

    Even when liability and verdict estimates are similar among different claims, there are many factors that affect the cost of defending a case.  read more

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    Inside Risk with Rose Kuba-Herbig, Dr Pepper Snapple Group

    See how CLM Fellow Rose Kuba-Herbig keeps all of her company’s risks from fizzing over.  read more

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    Risky Business

    From the looks of the responses we received, many risk managers are losing sleep over cybersecurity and cyber liability "black swans."  read more

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    What are your top risk concerns?

    Westport Insurance Corp's Steve Henning is one of five who answers this month's question.  read more

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    Around the Nation: March 2014

    State news and updates from CLM state chairs, reps, and committees.  read more

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    A Question of Ethics

    Are you prepared to face investigation dilemmas?  read more

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    The Tricky Nature of Seeking Sanctions Against Opposing Counsel

    Caution: A motion for sanctions against opposing counsel should be utilized only with the right set of facts.  read more

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    The Policy Slipup

    The 10 fatal coverage mistakes adjusters should avoid.  read more

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