• Claims Against the Government

    Claims Against the Government

    How to start, how to avoid roadblocks, and when to give up on claims against Uncle Sam. Read More

  • Five Temporary Housing Myths Debunked

    Five Temporary Housing Myths Debunked

    You and your displaced policyholders may be missing out on better options. Read More

  • Lessons From the EEOC v. Ford Motor Company...

    Lessons From the EEOC v. Ford Motor Company...

    Best practices for defending against disability discrimination failure to accommodate claims. Read More

  • In the C-Suite with Ajay Sinha

    In the C-Suite with Ajay Sinha

    Gallagher Bassett’s Executive Vice President, Operations, sheds light on some of the industry’s top challenges. Read More

  • A Tragedy on Tap

    A Tragedy on Tap

    Making sense of the insurance claims and litigation facing Flint and its water crisis. Read More

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    The Pitfalls in Ethical Decision-Making

    We use good faith practices every day, but are we thinking about the decision-making process itself?  read more

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    Do Self-Driving Cars Need Morals?

    Will an ethical code become a specification in the same way we look at engine specifications or safety equipment?  read more

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    When Uber Comes for Claims

    Why you are not safe from the “Uberfication” of your industry.  read more

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    Is Social Media a Friend or Foe in Fraud Investigations?

    How to use information found on the Internet without having it turn on you.  read more

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    Around the Nation: June 2016

    State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.  read more

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    Ready for Action?

    NBC's "Powerless" claims professional brings positive insurance character to television viewers.  read more

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    Claims Leads the Way for High-Impact Transformation

    The claims department is an ideal sandbox for insurers that are ready to experiment with innovation.  read more

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    Successfully Identifying Workers’ Comp Recovery Opportunities

    Subrogation in the context of workers' comp comes in several distinct fact patterns.  read more

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    Referral Services and Admissibility

    After an automobile accident occurs, beware of the attorney or health care provider referral system that offers a “free exam.”  read more

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    Understanding Reverse Bad Faith

    Recent court decisions have cracked open the door to a reverse bad faith cause of action against policyholders.  read more

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