• The Ripple Effect

    The Ripple Effect

    The impact of the Affordable Care Act on workers’ compensation. Read More

  • Rungs of Opportunity

    Rungs of Opportunity

    Using third-party inspection assistance to find silver linings after catastrophes. Read More

  • Containing Chaos

    Containing Chaos

    The use of technology in operational responses to mass tort claims events. Read More

  • In the C-Suite with Eric Spencer

    In the C-Suite with Eric Spencer

    Amerisure Mutual Company’s Vice President of Claims discusses the shift in claims training, his strategies for effective leadership, and how he found... Read More

  • Are You Ready for Medical Marijuana?

    Are You Ready for Medical Marijuana?

    Understanding the medical, legal, and liability implications for insurers. Read More

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    Common Examples of Non-Storm Related Moisture Intrusion

    Investigating moisture intrusion related distress and their non-storm related causes.  read more

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    Using the Corporate Practice of Medicine Doctrine to Combat Fraud

    Strategies to balance fiduciary duties to insureds with the legal obligation and financial incentive to combat insurance fraud.  read more

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    Will you be sending staff to CLM’s Claims College, and what do you...

    State Auto CCO Steve Hunckler is one of five CLM members who answered this months' question.  read more

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    Dean Stephen Johnson Talks School of Property

    Dean Stephen Johnson talks about the details of Claims College School of Property and the "for us, by us" approach.  read more

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    Making Sense

    Master Arbitrator Ken Feinberg Takes on GM's Alternative Dispute Resolution Efforts  read more

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    Can Your Kids Get You Sued?

    Determining who is liable—parent, caregiver, and/or child—when a minor causes harm.  read more

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    Mitigating and Managing Vendor Security Risks

    Outsourcing to third-party vendors means increased benefits and increased vulnerabilities without sound security and risk strategies.  read more

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    Inside Risk: Dan Dillen, Ward Transport & Logistics Corp

    With over 40 million miles covered each year, Ward Transport's director of risk management knows that safety on the road is no accident.  read more

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    School of Transportation Deans Seek to Fill Gap in Claims Education

    School of Transportation Deans Paul Berne and Tom McLaughlin share details about the creation and leadership of this fine-tuned program.  read more

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    From a Tiny Spark, a Mighty Flame

    Enhancing subrogation recoveries in fire claims arising from pyrotechnics.  read more

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