• Landmark Decisions

    Landmark Decisions

    The valuation process for long-lived assets learned from the Panama Canal. Read More

  • Claims College Graduates First Class

    Claims College Graduates First Class

    Was someone at your company the first to earn the Certified Claims Professional designation from CLM’s Claims College? Read More

  • Handling the Truth

    Handling the Truth

    Knowledge of the rules of evidence is critical to proper claims evaluations. Read More

  • In the C-Suite with Becky Kenyon

    In the C-Suite with Becky Kenyon

    Argo Group U.S.’ Senior Vice President, Chief Claims Officer, provides advice for a younger generation and explains the challenges she faces. Read More

  • Suppressing the Burn

    Suppressing the Burn

    Why the NFPA’s revised 1033 is the next big thing in fire claims investigations. Read More

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    Should women consider the insurance industry a good place for a...

    Endurance Insurance's Caryn Silverman and three other insurance industry leaders respond to this month's question.  read more

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    How to Handle Multiple Claimants Vying for a Limited Pot

    While insurers are faced with a Hobson's Choice, the approach of the courts varies.  read more

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    Inside Risk: Marie Johnson, Elwyn

    Elwyn's Director of Risk Management & Purchasing shares how she works to continue the nonprofit's legacy of excellence and service.  read more

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    Questions for a Successful End-of-Year Assessment

    How team leaders can prepare for a pain-free examination of their departments.  read more

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    Around the Nation: October 2015

    State news and updates from CLM chapters, reps, and committees.  read more

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    Getting to Know: Ted Colquett

    The CLM’s Extra-Contractual Committee’s co-chair discusses his work on developing CLM New York, a joint effort between his committee and the Insurance...  read more

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    Old-School Claims Handling Staples to Promote Efficiency and Minimize...

    In an era of technological velocity, don't lose sight of the importance of simple and tested practices.  read more

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    Get Your Auto Claims Down to Size

    Analyzing the top 10 procedure codes to fine-tune your claims organization.  read more

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    CMS Flexes Its Recovery Muscles with ICD-10 Codes Transition

    The new codes, what they mean, and how to make sure you are in compliance.  read more

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    Perk Up!

    Get to know two impactful benefits among the many that come with CLM membership.  read more

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